Thursday, 30 September 2010

Ham Quest II

After suffering a terrible defeat by soy milk I decided to visit 2 shops this, just to make sure hippies won't claim yet another victory. Damn you, hippies! First location of exploration was a small - a large kiosk you could say -  and rather charming shop. To be honest, I didn't get my hopes up of finding Ham jerky in this small boutique (pardon my French). Still, I decided to check it out for The Greater Good and the results were better than expected. As I entered the shop I noticed a clerk squatting near shelves putting goods on them. Ahh, that Ham! I quickly glanced over the shop to make sure no one was looking at me and after I enjoyed the sight of sweet sweet bubble Ham. 

Having filled the creepy-o-meter I decided to stroll around the place and search for the quest item - though I may have checked the sweet Ham once or twice. Nevertheless, I located the corner where they kept chips/crisps (sigh) and for my surprise they had beef jerky but, alas, no ham jerky. I picked up one bag and when I was paying for it I grinned like an idiot while thinking of the clerk's Ham. She looked confused, but hey, she still smiled. It was a small victory but a victory I was satisfied with.