Thursday, 23 September 2010

Ham Quest I

I decided to go shopping, again, because I felt like having ice tea and ice cream (unfortunately, there was no Ham flavor available). This time I was in a bit of hurry and decided to go to a smaller super market, which incidentally was close to my house. Of course, I disregarded my limited time and embarked on my quest of finding Ham jerky. I rushed through aisles, from one to another, but alas, I could not find Ham jerky. I could not even find beef jerky! Fair enough, it is a rather small super market and there are cold cut Ham available. But still, no jerky, at all? Oh dear.

I accepted my defeat, for now, and begun making my way to registers with my ice tea (lemon) and ice cream (chocolate) in my hands. But before I reached the finishing line an abomination appears. Soy milk. They don't have jerky but they have soy milk. Questionable liquid that is - according to my knowledge - milked from genetically modified soy plants which have beaver udders. I paid for my goods and left the super market.

Today I have died a little inside